Buying residential and commercial real estate, or business in South Florida is one of the best options to preserve and group your investment capital. Rapidly transforming into the largest luxury world-class resort, Florida demonstrates excellent appreciation of real estate values in both residential and commercial sectors.

It is no secret that the price of real estate in Miami, as well as in all other American cities, is highly dependent on the area where the property is located. The most attractive and liquid real estate in Miami is located in close proximity to the ocean: the closer your property is to the beach, the more expensive it gets, and the more potential buyers will be interested in your property. Finding buyers interested in paying high price value when you list your property will always be easy.

We offer various investment opportunities in residential and commercial real estate in South Florida. The acquisition of the profitable real estate will not only preserve and increase your capital, but also give you access to credits at competitive interest rates.

Why does the buyer of real estate needs a realtor, if Internet, various newspapers, and magazines are packed with detailed information for every taste and budget? The answer is simple: to find the best property based on your needs and preferences, as well as properly handle paperwork, and coordinate the purchase. Your agent will represent your interests by navigating you though all steps of the process, help you determine proper price for the property, present and negotiate your offer, order and coordinate inspections, survey and appraisal.

In United States, the service of Realtor is usually free to the buyer as the seller pays the commission.

Real estate sales person is a licensed profession in the United States: to become a licensed, a person need to participate and pass approved education program and pass state examination. After two years working under guidance of experienced real estate broker, a real estate sales person can take additional training and examination to become real estate broker.

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